Scam or fraud: Panasonic — Complaint with Panasonic 32 inch LED Panasonic TV

Submitted by: nisanizar

Complaint Details:
I had purchased a Panasonic led 32 inch TV on 27/09/2015 and after seven months of usage its display panel got damaged and a new panel was replaced with free of cost as it covers within the warranty.
But again after seven months its display panel damaged. It’s only one year 2 months I purchased this product and the same issue is repeating within a timeframe of seven months. What I have to conclude from this whether the replaced panel is also defective one? I’m really disappointed about the quality of this product. If I need to repair this TV then have to pay an amount of 14000. We are purchasing a product with the good brand value not to use it for one year. I had contacted Panasonic Area service manager(Trivandrum). As per him, it’s not possible to repair this product with free of cost. It’s not my fault then why I have to spend again 14000 for repairing this product. Only it crossed two months of the warranty period and how can I believe that even after spending this much money again the issue will not happen after seven months. Considering the purchase date and recurring issue with the panel I’m expecting that you have to repair this product with free of cost.
The item code is PANTH32C410D.

Service Request :LCD/LEDR291116153218