Scam or fraud: Ola Cabs / Ani Technologies — Terribly Rude Cab Driver

Submitted by:  Sunita Shee

Complaint Details:

Today (22/12/2016), I boarded a cab through Ola Pass. The details are as follows:
OSN 301062621
White Indica
Driver Name- Ravindra

I have knee fracture due to what I can’t walk down the slopes/walk up the slopes using Crutches. My office is down a slope from the main road; that’s why I book the cab for exact address of the office. So far I have never faced such a issue, that a driver denied to drop me at the exact location. Today when I asked the driver to drop me at the location he denied and ask me to book personal cab if I have some disability. I had one of my colleague in the same cab along with a fellow passenger. None of them had any objection regarding the same, but the driver bullied and threaten me that, it was his own cab and not from Ola, so he will do what he please like.

My point is, even if the cab is his own, he is still going by Ola brand and I know the brand. Ola is very responsible so far. But these kind of incidences will put marks on Ola as a brand. I am not disabled, it is just a temporary thing. So, does he/Ola (to me it’s Ola) mean that disabled people can’t take shared cab, because it might create inconvenience for the cabby? But, how about the fact that Cabby accepts all the passengers, irrespective of the fact that whether they are on the same route or not and waste ample time in searching location and dropping other passengers to unrelated route?

Kindly, take this issue seriously as this was really insulting and illogical.

I will look forward to a justified reply from Ola.

Thank You