Scam or fraud: Ola Cabs / Ani Technologies — driver switching off phone to cancel booking

Submitted by:  userone

Complaint Details:
I booked a cab for Airport from Noida to Delhi Airport. The driver accepted my request. When I called up to check for his ETA, he asked my payment method. After sometime when it was late and I didn’t see any vehicle I called up to know about his ETA, the driver rejected my call and after sometime switched off his phone. I was getting late to the Airport and it was already delayed.
I again booked a cab and this time the driver knowing that I am going to pay via OLA money asked me to cancel my booking. He deliberately delayed and insisted that I should cancel my ride instead of him.
I payed double the amount to book a private ride and nearly missed my flight. It was a really horrible experience and such unprofessional attitude really disgusts.
I have been a frequent OLA user and I am decided to leave it for sure.
I don’t expect that the company is going to take any action on this but still thought like sharing.