Scam or fraud: Noordin Jaffer Maredia And Company — Fraud visas

Submitted by: Smanesia5

Complaint Details:
Noordin Maredia’s address is B 38 404 green apartment vaishali nagar Jogeshwari west, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 400102. Noordin Maredia’s mobile is 011 91 93 23 441760. Home number is 0119122 678-1760. Noordin Maredia Birthdate changed his birthdate in 2 different dates of june 1 1958 and june 10 1956. Mariam Maredia september 8 1960 and April 23 1957. Noordin born in mudana India at home. Mariam real birthdate is in September. Mariam born Mumbai. Mariam is 1 year older than Noordin Maredia. Both Mariam and Noordin have lied on passports, birth certificates. Noordin still do business of sending illegal people and his family who all are fraud and threat to every country. After Noordin go to jail in beginning of this year he show his report to everyone. Mariam is sent by India to USA and she now in USA. Mariam distributed and made the people borrow all her fake passports and visas to travel. Mariam in USA with fake documents. Noordin maredia son Samir maredia needs to be deported back to India for also lying his information of date of birth and name. Samir maredia was sent by his father Noordin maredia and Samir maredia real name is Nazim maredia born on March 9 1982 at Maharashtra hospital and he went to school in Vivek Vidyalaya in Mumbai. His father sent his son illegally and his son lied to country and cheat girl for USA citizen. Your police station need to report to USA police, government and Homeland Security particularly ICE about all the fraud and need to investigate in India of the places I mentioned from school to hospital records. Also Noordin maredia shows this police reports around and laughs how he bribe mumbai police to get run from his lies and illegal business. Take Noordin property away and cancel his passport and all visas with his wife Mariam maredia, son Alif maredia (who overstay visa) and son Samir maredia who is bringing these illegal people like him to USA. Samir maredia citizenship need to be revoked and only your police can deport and jail them for fraud visas. Law is law and should be obeyed. Noordin Maredia spelt different ways has been sending many people to USA illegally by making fake birth certificates, fake passports, changing identity, using someone else’s identity to come to USA so they get visa to USA easily. He has engaged in this fraud business for years and still do. Even when your police station was paid bribe. He makes lots of money by doing illegal business in Mumbai, India. He himself has came to USA many times with his own fake passport and birth certificate. He has sent and brought his family with illegal documents and passports. Noordin and son are master of illegal business. Noordin Maredia in reality is one year younger than his wife Mariam Maredia so he has made fake birth certificate and lied on his passport to come to USA. The ones that he really has done illegal processes are Mariam Maredia, his wife and and Samir Maredia, his son. Mariam maredia and Samir maredia and Alif maredia all in Friendswood Texas USA. Mariam Maredia is stopped by Indian embassy because she has given her passport to someone else to use so that person comes to USA. But still Indian government let her go to USA with fake visas and fake documents. Arrest and get these people deported back to India and put in jail and take away their passports, birth certificates, and all other legal documents. Noordin maredia make lots of money sending people illegally in this loot business. Thanks.