Scam or fraud: — regarding fraud with me for giving me job in hdfc bank

Submitted by: tusharrami

Complaint Details: is taken more than 8.22 lacks rupees from for giving me job in HDFC Bank . for that i have all the evidence which soon that this is clearly case of fraud with . i was want to complain an FIR into kadi police station but those office still issue any FIR against maintain person in my complain. even i want to the GUJARAT HIGH COURT and given an order of direction to the police but still there is no progress i ever seen in my case. and i told to my lawyer about ઉલલઘન of court order but my lawyer clearly denied and said there is no process for that . but a days i am very much helpless because no buddy will ready to help both court and police as well because they are not working for trust and honesty …they are only work for money .

please help me and save my family because they demand that thing which i don’t have