Scam or fraud: — paid services of naukri

Submitted by:  nshahi

Complaint Details:
I have opted the paid services of My reference ID is 180723CS3936367 CRM:0054983. Company has asked me to pay 3000/- and they will provide two services Job 4 you and resume display for three Months. After receiving the payment their executive has called me on 25th July 2018 and discuss my resume and asked about my requirements (What kind of Job & Preferred location) when I shared my requirement she said they don’t have job matching to my profile so they are holding the service. On 26th July Company has sent me mail and they offered me two alternative service in the place of job 4 you service. I declined the offer on 30th July and informed the company that I have paid the company for a whole package ( Job 4 you & Resume display) and by the time of offer from company and payment, Naukri executive has not informed me that they might withdraw from one service (Job 4 you). During the offer company assured me that they will send me jobs as per my requirement and I have paid based on the assurance provided by company. So, I will request company to refund my money.
Meanwhile, company has sent me a mail on 31st July and informed me that they have initiated Resume display services on my account.
Company has sent a mail on 1st August 2018 by offering me to refund 1250/- as they are not able to provide Job 4 You services and They also informed me that they have already initiated resume display services for my account.
I wrote a mail to company on 1st August, I have already communicated to the company on 30th July that I will not opt Resume display services standalone as I have paid for whole package not two separate services. So, how they have initiated the resume display services on 31st July without my consent. I just want my money back because you are not able to provide services as offered before payment.
In morning of 3rd August, I got a call from Naukri and the executive tried to explain that they will only be able to refund 1250/- for not able to provide Job 4 You services. Again, I have communicated him same thing that I have paid for whole package not for two separate services and if company is not able to fulfil the commitment done before payment they should refund my whole amount. Why I compromise with money for company failure. I have opted the paid services of company because I have specific requirement now company is saying that you have specific requirements, so we are not able to provide some service and they will refund only 1250 (which is 1/3 of my paid amount) and I don’t have any option but forced to avail half services. As, company is not able to fulfil the commitment they should refund my money as I have paid for whole service.
It seems that Naukri is cheating their customer by making false commitments. Once, they receive money they are not bothered to provided services. The company don’t have any professionalism and they are just making money by cheating their clients.