Scam or fraud: National School Of Business — Fake information in plus complaints by other students in

Submitted by: bangalorediaries

Complaint Details:
Dear Parents and Students,
Kindly read the following information about and the fake information that College management, under leadership of Sridhar Murthy, is giving through the medium of brainwashed students whom Sridhar Murthy has pressurised. verifies users but during verification anyone can give fake information. can’t make out. And will not send the police to check if the user actually exists or not. Plus the information and answers given in can definitely be wrongly given. will not verify whether NSB placement gave 4.3 average salary or not which is totally false, we didn’t even get 3 lakhs average. So Sridhar Murthy is trying to fool the public by showing that is reliable which is totally wrong because doesn’t check the information. You can give fake information after joining That is what NSB has done. Don’t fall in the trap that is reliable. It is NOT. And to do this Sridhar Murthy has cunningly brainwashed our juniors and super-juniors and written fake information through them with their account names. Kindly read the answers given by Sanjna Suresh and Jincy George who are our Juniors. They have written false information that Sridhar Murthy asked them to write. So Sridhar Murthy is first brainwashing students and then pressuring students to give fake information in social media so that he can sell more and more seats.

Plus how does earn money?????? Think about this. There is a business agreement between and various colleges. Various colleges use platform as a advertising medium and that’s how earns revenue from colleges.So how can be reliable when college has PAID MONEY to to advertize the college. is NOT police or any law or court. We are marketing students, we studied these in marketing class. So Sridhar Murthy can’t fool us.

Dear Students and Parents, Kindly check all the pics of that we have uploaded,

Just read what Prof. Sridhar Murthy has forced juniors to write in . Total lies. Prof. Sridhar Murthy very cunningly is trying to advertize college by giving fake figures of placements and France/Spain exchange program in And he is doing it through his students Sanjna Suresh and Jincy George. Outsiders will think that because these answers are given by students who are studying in college, it must be true. Basically Sridhar Murthy sharafat ka dhong rachane ka koshish kar raha hai. He is trying to show that nsb is very ethical and transparent. But the answers to questions in are total fake and not at all transparent and dictated by Sridhar Murthy himself. It is written by Sanjna Suresh that 40 students were sent for student exchange which is a fake figure . And that in the past 500 students went for student exchange . Check the pics that we have uploaded. Sridhar Murthy is a bloody fraud who is increasing the figures to attract students and sell more and more seats. Does they have photographs of 500 students for student exchange program … NO!!! He has forced Jincy George to write fake information about our placements in that we got 4.3 lakh average salary. Even after going for France exchange program Laveena Lalit Chauhan got 15000 per month salary in careernet and pushpendra didnt get good placements at all. So what was the point in france exchange program. But sridhar murthy is trying to lie that france exchange program will improve a persons employability which is totally fake information. Also he is lying that 500 students went. Total fake. Entire is full of fake information about nsb.

Dear students and parents,
Please dont believe anything that is written in It is an advertizing medium for colleges. There is a business agreement between and colleges like nsb. Nsb and other colleges PAY MONEY, and gives these colleges prospective students(customers) in return so that colleges can sell seats. If you have received a phone call from colleges then it is who has provided these colleges your phone number which you uploaded during registration. That is how earns MONEY. It is NOT reliable. You can fake information in Please be very careful. We studied all these in marketing class. This is digital marketing. is selling data of students who have registered with to various colleges.

Dear Students and Parents,
Check the list of companies that they have listed in website. We have uploaded the pic above. Check it.
ABB never came to NSB
Thomson Reuters never came
KPMG never came
IBM never came
Infosys never came
Sail never came
Motorola never came
India Mart never came
Accenture never came
Thomas Cook never came
Pepsi never came
Videocon never came

the list goes on…

If all these companies find out that Sridhar Murthy is lying to public that they visited NSB campus and listed their names in, then Sridhar Murthy can be sued by these companies. He might get imprisoned.