Scam or fraud: Municipal Corporation Of Delhi — illegal chemical factories running in maujpur village

Submitted by: siddharth9654474461

Complaint Details:


It is a matter of deep concern / importance that some illegal factories that are working in residential areas are polluting these places and are becoming main cause of making it unfavourable for human being to live in an environment of peice. What these factories are doing here in residential areas while according to the laws no body has the right to violet the lawas by opening illegal factories in the residential areas and why no action is being taken on people who are taking initiative of this violence.

Now coming to the point, I am a resident of Maujpur village Mata mandir marg Gali no – 5 ( Band gali) (Near Seth Bhagwandas school ), Maujpur, New Delhi- 110053 . I am not mentioning my name and House no. here as I want to keep my details confidential, since I am a resident of this area and may have quarrel with the concerned people if I expose my name here.

Now coming to the problem, in this residential area some illegal chemical factories (like: Two chemical jeans washing factory running at Mata mandir marg Gali no 5, Maujpur, Delhi – 110053) are working freely. These factories are hampering the piece and environment of the place. People and small babies are sick of these factories as the workers in these factories work till 12:00 Midnight to 2:00 AM and some time the whole night . As the factories are situated in between the houses of common people, people near by are not able to sleep at night and also they parked their vehicle (like chotha Hathi )infront of other people house due to which other people are facing problems. The owners of the factory live freely and other people suffer because of them. People living around can not expect moments of piece. Also the harmful chemical emerges out from the machines makes the environment contaiminated. So we the people can not tollerate and bear the working of these illegal factories in this residential area any more.

All we common people can do is to request you to understand our problem by putting yourself on our place and take an immediate / fast action against such unauthorised factories in our area that are making this place like hell

This is a collective complaint by us the victims of these factories. Hoping to have a quick and strict action in this regard soon.

kindly keep all the details regarding identification of this complaint confidential.