Scam or fraud: MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — Incorrect bill amount and incorrect information provided

Submitted by: chokkalingam chokkalingam

Complaint Details:
I have been in call with 2 of your customer care agents today raising concern on my last bill amount.

Actually my datacard plan is 3GB@350RS. which would be 402 Rupees including taxes.

But i have received the bill amount of 583 rupees.

I have inquired the same with customer care agent of yourselves and he said the extra amount which is added up is due to the roaming charges.(he said there is two dates i.e 16/11/2016 and 15/12/2016 i gone outside of local coverage and used around 3.7 GB of data)

I was surprised to hear that, how come the 3.7 GB of Data would cost only 157 rupees that too in roaming and where is my actual data bundled with the plan .He misinterpreted the bill cycle as usage dates.He was wrong in all the information provided.

I explained him clearly that i never traveled outside of Tamil Nadu nor even outside of my local place to have the roaming charges levied. But he was never ready to take it up and he said you can raise the concern to our senior authorities in weekdays between 9.30 to 6.30.

Then i hung up and logged into the self care portal there i seen the roaming data used is 0.00 for last month then again called your customer care, call was picked up but no one spoke( i could here the noises at the back) . i didn’t hung up waited for sometime, after some time some one took up and said “sir please speak up else we need to disconnect the call” not sure whether it is technical fault with him that i was not audible.

I explained the scenario and he asked for sometime and came back asking ” Are you sure you never traveled outside Tamilnadu? ”

Again i told him i never traveled outside of my home taking the datacard. Then again he was checking the information for sometime then came up with answer that my plan is not unlimited. Over the limit used Data charges might be applicable.

But This was not told in the first instance when i opted for this retention plan they explained.

They said it would cost 402 rupees including the Taxes. and after 3 GB usage the pack will be revised to 32 Kbps.

I know this already since after exhausting the high speed data limit speed will be revised and i need to opt out for the Additional Data.

On December 10th i have received the mail saying the same “We have observed that you have utilized 100% of your high speed data limit on your current tariff plan for the MTS data card 8925216059. You can purchase additional data and maintain your high speed by subscribing to our speed booster packs.”

I was not offered any high speed data for that above said 157 Rupees.

Then why i was charged for that?, Why i was not informed about this in first instance that i will be charged?( I was told post 3GB your speed will be revised).

Why i was miss communicated ?.

Why i should get mail saying your 100 percent data exhausted and for additional data you can opt for high speed top up if am already charged for additional data.