Scam or fraud: Ms Venus Garments — Charge 2% extra on purchase

Submitted by:  Randhir Prasad

Complaint Details:
I purchased a dress from Ms Venus Garments situated at 4519-20/2, Subzi Mandi, Ambala Cantt-133001 on 24/12/16

TIN No of Shop is : 06641020140

The cost of dress was rupees 950/-. I was charged with rupees 970/- as I made the payment using VISA silver debit card (XXXXXXXXXXXX0016) of State Bank of India.

On asking for the reason for extra 2%. The seller told me that PM Modi has excused the charge but his bank is charging so he will take 2% extra from me.

My payment reference is txn#635908393562 at POS 00016205971210