Scam or fraud: Mirraw Online Services — Money not recived

Submitted by: Sangeetha Harilal

Complaint Details:
I send a previous complaint through this website before and the complaint ID is 1437933. I submitted all the documents with my previous complaint after that one Mirraw representative contacted me. he argued me at-least a month that they do not owe me money. Finally he admitted that it was a mistake from their site and he said he initiated a refund to my account. it is about a month now. I did not get money when asked he said they will generate a transaction.I asked them to give me translation number. What i found is they never initiated a refund. These people are cheating their customers. I cant believe how these people do business. Anyway i am still waiting. I will wait for couple of days. I will definitely give a complaint to customer protection and cyber cell here. This is online cheating. I will make try to see if i can stop the website traffic to USA. At least can put their site in the black list i am happy. I am also taking to my family in INDIA to find how i can move a complaint against these people. I can afford to loose the money these people owe me but i dont let them cheat me. Rather i will donate that money to the needed.