Scam or fraud: Microsoft Lumia 535 display under warranty not repaired

Submitted by: Bathini Rajkumar

Complaint Details:
In Feb 2015 I bought Microsoft lumia 535 in reliance digital with extended warranty ResQ upto feb 2017.As it is original display it is not broken upto nov 2016 though my daughter have thrown on floor many times .In november display has broken and I have given in resq for repair and they replaced new display but when I checked with my friend (Moblie repairer) he said it is not original. again in december diaplay has broken .I took it to Reilance resq they said it is not replacable this answer is given after 1 week .but there is no any Terms and cinditions that 2nd time will be not replaceable also saying it costs 4500 rs for display. Reliance digital Store exectuvie said when buying that can be replacable many times whatever is broken for total damage and within warranty period so please look into this and help me on this B.Rajkumar