Scam or fraud: Medi Assist India — Denial of HIS Hospitalization Reimbursement Claim with reference number – H3011160121158E002

Submitted by: SaugataCtcs

Complaint Details:
I am a employee of TCS and member of HIS provided by New India Assurance as a part of Corporate Group Insurance policy, for which TPA is Mediassisst. My Emp Id is 121158.

This is regarding the mentioned Health Insurance Claim for Hospitalization (H3011160121158E002), which has been unjustly denied to me by the insurer.

This is clearly a shocking response after incurring heavy expenses for my fathers treatment. He is a Heart Patient having Coronary Artery Disease and Hypertension and was admitted to Hospital on 20/11/16 under severe and critical health condition. I would like to mention that I am not satisfied with this denial and I don’t think such cases should be denied under some pretext that no surgury was done. This has put enormous financial liabilities on me now. Enough proof and document for medical condition and treatment provided thereof were provided, but in spite of that is really a shocking verdict which is next to impossible to accept.

So in this regard I would like appeal against this unjust and arbitrary decision by the TPA / Insurer against a corporate client like TCS; that too for a valid medical emergency. If my father wasn’t admitted or treated on that date we don’t know what would have been his fate today. So I would like to strongly appeal against this decision and would request you take necessary action and provide me your necessary assistance and guidance in this regard.

Your quick and response and action would be highly appreciated.