Scam or fraud: Maruti Suzuki India — Dissatisfied with the services and the bills for changing the parts without my permission

Submitted by: sankaranIMD

Complaint Details:

S. Sankaran,
No.5B/G2, 2nd Main Road,
Krishna Nagar,
Chennai –600044.

Maruti Suzuki Customer Care,
1, Nelson Mandela Road, Vasant Kunj
New Delhi
New Delhi District
India – 110070


Sub: Dissatisfaction over the service process
Ref: 1. CAR No. TN 11D 7756 WagonR Vxi
2. Repair Reference Number JC16101785 opened on 10-12-2016
3. Invoice BR16018126 Dt.10-12-2016

I was getting frequent service calls from M/s. Popular Maruti Service Center, Saligramam, Chennai since 07-12-2016 for servicing my car. Finally I agreed for the service and enquired about the services. I was informed that water wash and general maintenance at a cost of Rs.1200/=. The car was taken for service on 10-12-2016. While taking the car for service, the driver informed me that the petrol was insufficient and I agreed for make payment for petrol while delivery

Around 1 PM: I received a phone call from the service engineer Shri. Vignesh asking me for permission to change the following items:

1. Engine oil (as 9000 KM had been run after the previous oil change). I agreed.
2. Seat shampoo washing for Rs.1200/= . I did not agree.
3. After making test drive, we shall inform you the details of service. – I agreed

At 3:48 PM: I received an SMS stating, “Your car is almost done and will be ready in 45 min. Pls Contact Vignesh at 8678922999 for details…”. I made many calls to this number and there was no response (This number does not exist).

Around 6 PM: I tried to call the works manager in 9282200443 and no one was answering the call. After some time around 6:30 PM, the works manager called my number. I asked for the estimated service charges and the time of delivery of the car. The works manager answered me that the bill was not yet and said that he would call me once the bill was ready generated (the details available in the Invoice No. BR16018126 Dt.10-12-2016 has the time of generation as 1541 IST). No body called me up to 8:30 PM. Around 8:30 PM, the car was brought to me residence and the person from the company. He gave a bill for Rs.11, 960/= (Copy of the Invoice enclosed). I gave a check for Rs.11, 960/= as the card swipe Machine. I also paid Rs.300/ for the petrol by cash.

The following are my complaints:

1. I was not informed or sought permission for services other than water wash and oil change
2. The items detailed in the bill as changed or not found in the car .
3. The performance of the car is not up to my satisfaction.

4. Discrepancies in the Invocie No.BR16018126 Dt.10-12-2016:

Sl No. in the bill Description My observation
2 Bulb 21/5 W 12 V 2 Nos Needed no change as the bulbs were good while taking for service
4 Screw for Spare tyre While giving the vehicles, the stepney tyre screws were personally checked by me. It is a brand new one
8 Wheel Tag Not available in the car when delivered at home
11 Coolant (Golden Yellow) My car has coolant in green colour now which means it has not been changed.
12 Service Kit Not delivered. Not necessary
13 Wiper kit I disagreed for changing – over phone
Demanded repairs
1 Fuel Injector No consent was given by me
2 Throttle body Assy. No consent was given by me
3 Disk Break Cleaning No consent was given by me
4 Drum Break Cleaning No consent was given by me

I received a call from the HQ at Kochi, called me and enquired about the complaints. I briefed them all the complaints. Then Mr. Vignesh, of M/s. Popular Service center, called me. I briefed him also all the complaints. He accepted the faults and requested me to bring back the vehicle to the service center with an assurance that the services shall be done again for my full satisfaction. I also received a call from customer care from M/s. Popular Service Center. I insisted that the service and spare parts charges collected from me for the services which were done without my consent. I was informed that this matter shall be placed in a meeting for decision. Till date nobody has called me. I have never experienced this type of dealings in any of the service centres.

I request the matter may kindly be investigated thoroughly in the service center without disturbing me and inform the action taken.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Dt.21-12-2016 Yours sincerely,
S. Sankaran