Scam or fraud: Mahindra And Mahindra — failing badly in providing services

Submitted by: gshivani

Complaint Details:
Our mahindra kuv100 went for service yesterday. Whole day we were not informed anything about it like what is happening, is the issues are being solved or not, or how much time will it take.
And now after 1 and half day, the car has returned. But it is same as before.No issue had solved. It is in the same position as before.
Now we are contacting the wazirpur centre but not getting any response.Till now also, our requirements have not been fulfilled. Now i have received a call saying that you have to contact RD company regarding that.But as we have purchase the car from the MAHINDRA wazirpur showroom, so its their duty to provide us services. unfortunately, they are failing in their duties. Its such a long time, since they are not providing us services.