Scam or fraud: Mahindra And Mahindra — Delayed Delivery

Submitted by:  Drish 27

Complaint Details:
This is with reference to the XUV 500 W10 FWD M/t booked by my client Mr Sajid Jamil Ahmed Shaikh in the month of June’16 for black colour.

As black colour for the same model was not available even after 6 month my client decided to change the colour to Purple Metallic. This was conveyed to the dealer Global Gallarie in the 1st week of this month and I was told by Mr Rajesh Shetty that the colour is ready and the next day I was told that by the 15th of December the car will be delivered to the customer and to disburse the approved file with ICICI Bank Ltd.

The disbursement was received by Global Gallarie on the 15th of December And since then I have been calling the sales team and Mr Manish Malhotra but fail to get any feed back as they dont have enough courtesy to answer to customers calls waiting for 6 months.

I then complaint to the customer care where I got the no of Mr Prabhakar Jhakkan. But he too did not receive a single call out the 100 calls made by me only answered by text messages. His Mobile No is 9987547757.

Today I have been informed that the car is not available and will be billed to the dealer only after 6 days.

A customer who has waited for so long and is a privileged customer already owns a XUV since 2013. A loyal to Mahindra vehicles is being harassed to this extent. My customer is truly annoyed with this service he has received for so many months now.