Scam or fraud: Mahindra And Mahindra — airbags did not work at the time of accident

Submitted by:  anup prashar

Complaint Details:

My XUV- 500, W-10, bearing number- UP-14 CP 6061. Met with an accident on 18th May 2018, at a place near Muraina (M.P.).
1. Both the passengers on the front seats (i.e. Driver and Front rider seat) were wearing the seat belts.
2. The collision was with a “Nil gai” from the front.
3. There was no extra front guard attached as per the instructions of the company.
4. The radiator, bow-nut, front wind screen were badly damaged with significant damage to the other parts attached to the engine.
5. Dispite all this the airbags did not work.

currently the vehicle is at Royal Mahendra at Gwalior M.P.

you are requested to look in to the matter and provide me the reason

1. why the airbags did not open-up despite a front collision
2. what is the guarantee that in any such situation again the airbags will work.


Anup Prashar