Scam or fraud: Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation [Msrtc] — giving senior citizen concession in msrtc ticket

Submitted by: Waman Gokhale

Complaint Details:

I booked 2 tickets from Panji to Swargat Pune online.
Trip no 5228599
Ticket no 34552351
Travel date 15/09/2018
1 Waman Gokhale age 65 complete, (Senior Citizen)

2 Smita Gokhale age 61
The ticket charges taken for me full charge (no senior citizen concession )and for Mrs Smita 61 full charge.
As such refund me the excess charges as no Senior Citizen concession was given to me.
Ticket charges recovered Rs.832
(less) Charges for Senior Citizen Rs.505.
Therefore excess charge of Rs.327/-
Refund Rs327 to me for one ticket.
There is option available on Your online booking site.
Photo of my Ticket
Photo of another ticket showing concession given to a senior citizen for his ticket issued by conductor in the same bus.
Waman Gokhale