Scam or fraud: Lybrate website provide wrong information and medical negligence.

Submitted by: Kishor Mhaske

Complaint Details:

Dear Sir

As per the advertisement given on Lybrate for Aarogyam 1.2 full body checkup.I have booked an home appointment for collection of Blood sample.This was for my mother age above 50 year.The order was booked on 12th December online with full payment done and address and pin code mention in it before booking order i called on the mobile number given on site

and confirm that my pin code is cover or not after reply of Yes then only i have confirm this order for 12 December 2016 time morning 10 to

AM.On 12th December no one arrive at my home for collection of sample.I then call on the toll free number and asked the status the lady told me that she will call me and give status with in half an hour but she did’nt call me.By the time my mother was waiting with fasting of more that 15 hours no one was bother to replied me the status.After !!.5 am i call again to toll free number for knowing the status this time there was a man.when i asked him a status he started asking same question and verification about my order.I was very angry and told him to give the phone to that lady how committed me to reply me the status of my order with in half an hour.When she came she told me to hold the call so that she can communicate with he technical for what is the issue.By the it was 12 of clock my mother still was on fasting.This lady was literally doing time pass and nothing.After 20 min she replied and told me that she will reschedule the appointment.This was very ridiculous and mean answer my patience were exhausted and i started shouting and want the reason for reschedule the appointment and why it was not inform earlier.My was fasting for more that 16 hour and this people not even replied well in advance what was the status.The lady was blaming to Thyocare employee and we can’t do any things.

I was not informed about my order status not i have received any SMS form this lybrate.the lady not aware any thing about own company.I just cut my phone written a mail on

for the reason i got mail repaying that “Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience faced by you Since your area doesn’t fall under the list of serviceable pin codes hence we can not proceed with the order. ”

I just escalated with all details on mail that this was already confirmed with your representative and on mail confirmation.i also mail screen short with address detail of thyocare office near my resident.

I got a call from Puneet Ranjan (Lybrate) he once again apologies and said that he is from thyocare and started explaining that it was a mistake.we do not provide service in Kalyan. When told him that i have confirm and dam sure that there is service of thyocare.then he started explaining that he is form Lybrate and Lybrate technician do not come to Kalyan for collection blood sample.This how cheap are this person first he lied to me and then he started fooling me.when i as angry he started given me an offer of 300 rs coupon I told me this medical negligence and your are giving me a bullsit mother was fast for more than 16 hours.He said he will cancel my order and will refund my money back but i insisted that not cancelled my order but i want the service done.

The next day i got a mail that my order is cancelled and i will get the money refund with in 4 to 5 days after my warning they cancel my order.

I want to action against this company this not the first time many people are suffering from this company they are providing wrong information on site

What if the person get affected form fasting and waiting for long time.

The company should take responsibility to inform customer well in advance the status whether they are providing the services or not.

This company are feeding on funds so do not bother for any kind of Mistake they are going to paid and has rights to paly with human life.

What if any wrong decision given by the Doctor on this site.

What is the Guarantee the Doctor are well qualified.

There is no escalation matrix.

There was physical and mental harassment due this company false service provided and wrong information provided by this company site.i want to file a complaint against this company and compensation for all those customer suffering from this company .So that such thing will not happen again again.