Scam or fraud: Liberty Salon — Spoil my hair and has denied to do anything about it

Submitted by: Richa. B. Shah

Complaint Details:

Liberty salon newly opened in irla. Pathetic services. Had gone for eye brow & hair trim. Badly cut no shape full slant almost it cost me 2 inch of my hair. Hair salon has no idea about anything. The owner is not bothered, the manager roams out like awara n no1 to tc of the salon when m complaining i was told to move out of the salon, super guts inspite of their mistake. The owner is enjoying in goa. He is like i dont know what to do. When i went to enrich asked them if i could get my hair lenght back they told only 1 way that is extentions. But when the owner came to know what its gona cost him hes like he cant do anything about it. I have my engagement wedding next year feb. N trusting a salon like them was my big mistake. Upar se the staff is throwing attitude on me. The owner challenged go if you get the lenght i will pay and now when the solution is there he backed out. What an awesome service. Shahrukh – the manager – who has no skill of a manager and roams out as no customer in the salon. Owner – javed – least bothered whats hapenning in the salon. And the staff – a standing oviation to them 4 people telling me to get out of the salon as if the customer listens what will they think. But not even 1 customer inside.

I want justice and matter sorted out


The other highlight – the female who did my eyebrow – did it so roughly that i have marks all over my face, i. E forehead, chin & near the brows.

And all this happened bymistakely.

Shahrukh – 9867264660
Javed – 9869140467.
Tel – 66998881