Scam or fraud: Lenovo — Received faulty device

Submitted by:  tapashee

Complaint Details:
I have purchased Lenova K2 note music edition on 29/10/2016 and mobile is not working properly,
battery drain off complety after 30min usage, its heat up quickly, application not working properly hangs up.
Went to lenova service center in vizag gave complain n showed bill of purchased date and they booked complained but they simply updated software and gave it back to us keeping it for 10days, we used the mobile again same complain 2nd time went to service center gave it to rectify they promised they wil change motherboard and also battery after 10 days we went n took the phone again same problems. 3r time gave it to service center again and asked them if they have changed motherboard and battery no stock available so they cud not change and repair it, there system show nothing they have done and returned to us, asked them as we have received faulty device will they replace they simple said they wont replace, neither they repairing the product nor exchanging the phone.
Its not our fault, its manufacturer fault that we got faulty product and neither they rectifying the problem neither replacing it .
Requesting you to please help us on this .
Imei :869071024979818