Scam or fraud: Lakme — hair straightening

Submitted by: Priyagup03

Complaint Details:

I want to register a complaint regarding my recent visit to Lakme, Kalamboli Mumbai. I visited salon for hair straightening which was costing me approx. 6k, the consultant there told me to go for straight gloss therapy(which was expensive one), since I wanted poker straight hair I asked them to go for hair straightening only but they convinced me to go for ‘straight Gloss therapy’ by saying that it will give same poker straight hair plus its good for hair, its cost was 8k.After their assurance I went for the expensive one.But after the first wash when I washed my hair by myself I could not see the expected result.

I did complain to the salon and they called me at the salon to check.The manager(Ms. Snehal) of the salon tried to convince me that they give this result only in straight gloss therapy but I said that I asked for poker straight hair which was my requirement.

After a lot of discussion she accepted her mistake and asked stylist to do it again on only half of my hair.But I could see no result even after that.

This was my worst experience in Lakme and I will never visit it again.I ended up paying 10k(8k for straightening plus shampoo and mask) with out any output plus they did it twice on my hair which could damage it. Really a pathetic experience. Please do not cheat customer by suggesting an expensive service without just knowing the requirement of the customer and hire person who can actually do the work properly.

P.S: I have done straightening twice before so I know the difference that how hair look after straightening so do not try to convince me on that. I can show you my pics also after your so-called straight gloss therapy.

Highly disappointed! Will not recommend it to anyone. Ever!