Scam or fraud: Kotak Mahindra Bank — No response on complaint regarding wrong ATM debit on 6th Feb 16

Submitted by:  Jain Mohit

Complaint Details:
Dear Sir

I wanted to bring to your kind notice, the irregularity by Kotak Mahindra Bank, Satellite Branch, Ahmedabad. My complaint is pending from 6th Feb 16. The Bank has intentionally stopped responding to my follow up emails and the entire branch management as well as Bank Management are aware but they are harassing me by not responding.

You will be surprised to know that the Customer Service and the Nodal Desk address they have shared on the Kotak Mahindra Bank’s official website they don’t respond and have been closing my complaint wrongly and manipulating them as “Resolved” . In past, It is only when I looped the CEO’s email and Country head public email address from Kotak’s site I got a revert from Nodal that they will look into the matter and then they called me that I should not write to other email id’s. but they have not done anything and are closing my complaint without any resolution

The issue :

On 6th Feb 2016, I attempted an ATM Transaction for Rs. 5000/- which was unsuccessful, the machine failed to dispense Cash. I notified the bank’s nearest branch in person and they told me that it will not be debited but the amount was wrongly debited. I lodged my complaint at Customer Service Call Center and they reversed the wrong debit and just after some days they debited again without notifying me. Since then am following, I have looped in Bank’s senior official also but no one has even bothered to respond. Their officials are involved in Scams and are highlighted in media quite often. They are not sharing the CC TV Footage for the reasons best known to them

The Branch where I have opened my account in Ahmedabad, Shivranjani Branch this is hopeless branch which has no governance. I am being harassed insulted, not heard by the representatives of Kotak Mahindra Bank. They are fully responsible for the issue and should own it and resolve.

Apart from this transaction also there are other transaction where I got the money but was debited twice by ATM entries and I have asked bank about the details but they are not explaining nor sharing any details or producing the CCTV footage. Quite often these people are calling me and asking me not to write emails or lodge complaint.

I request your intervention and request for the detailed investigation, the CCTV footage of 6th Feb 16 will prove that I have not received any cash but not sure that form almost last 10 months they are not sharing the footage

I want my amount to be credited back with interest and the wrong entries they have done should be rectified


Mohit Jain