Scam or fraud: Kerala State Electricity Board [KSEB] — Poor quality power supply and consequent damage to household goods

Submitted by: Jayaram Putisari

Complaint Details:
I am jayaram from Thalassey and my complaint is somewhat similar to the one given by another consumer as given in the following para. The problem was being highlighted for years on end. In between the technicians who attended to the complaint said main switch is having problem. So I got it replaced by a new one. But the problem persists. This problem mostly arises at strategic intervals and also when one needs the supply badly to operate an important gadget. So apparantly somebody is monitoring the usage and tampering with the supply to make nuisance etc.
Hope the management will study the issue and come out with a solution at the earliest. Also we need to identify the culprits if any to avoid further recurrence of the issue. Hope the service provider will not combine any kind of silly considerations with the quality of supply and leave the matter unresolved.

Kerala State Electricity Board [KSEB] — Power going off and on
Je Jerryfr on May 6, 2016
I am from Nallezhuthumukku, Chavara, Kollam. Residing near Minister Shibu Baby John’s Office in Chavara. Here the power goes on and off for more than 30 time a day. Its like off the on after a few seconds then again off (continues three four times) then again in the evenings the same repeats.Looks like some one is playing with it. When we call the office sometimes they answer and say that they don’t know the reason. It has been happening to be precise 4/6/2016 it was really bad. This issue is creating problems in our electronic systems like fridge, TV, Music System, Computer etc…