Scam or fraud: Karvy — problems with aadhar card update

Submitted by: samshady

Complaint Details:


I have been trying since many days to get my address changed in my Aadhar card but despite many attempts, have still not been able to. The first few tries were rejected citing a “Transliteration error” but after a few edits to places I thought might have been causing the issue, it finally went through. Now, however, it seems to be stuck at a rather frustrating part of the process: Enrollment.

My URN number is:[protected]
Enrollment ID: 0000/00519/41537 14/07/2018 14:02:32

I first got the message saying it has been sent for further processing on Saturday, the day of application, and then another on Sunday telling me the VID. I entered the same on the status checking page and it said “This enrollment is under process. Please check again after a few days”. Fair enough as it had only been a day (even though that’s exactly what was claimed as Karvy’s projected processing time on the BPO selection page)

Anyway, it has now been over two days and it still says the same thing. No updates. My father had his address changed a few days before I did and he could download his updated e-Aadhar in a day. I was hoping this could be true for me too as I need it rather immediately to open a bank account but with all the transliteration errors (errors that were not listed for my father, even though his new address was the same as mine) it has been a very long time already.

Please look into this. Any quick action would be incredibly helpful and appreciated. Thank you