Scam or fraud: Jet Airways — Additional charges on my point redemption tickets

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On Dec 13, 2016, I booked 2 domestic tickets by redeeming jet miles (PNR TSUIGY). I noticed the total of the invoice off by $13.92 and called Jet Privilege. I was told that is conversion charges by bank and when I challenged, how can be conversion charges for $54 be $13.92, I was told after consultation a super will get back.
After 3 telephone calls and assurances that a supervisor will get back to me…no one did. In the period since my booking I have spoken with Taufiq, Jaideep & lastly just now with Pinaz(ref 10018546 on Dec 21 @ 9.45 am EST)
Then I noticed on my e-ticket attachment, later addition of nomenclature as Service Fee – Insurance (YR)$13.92 and I did not opt for insurance nor have I got any Insurance Policy to date. I have luckily saved both copies of my ticket…one that totals to $53.36 but shows the total as $67.28 and the modified one after my complain.
My above booking by redeeming air miles, an additional amount of $13.92 has been invoiced ILLEGALLY charged on my credit card
I want immediate refund of this money along with a justified compensation for the harassment and frustration I have faced and loss of time.