Scam or fraud: It’s Regarding Fraud Call For Atm Card — Fraud call regarding ATM

Submitted by: Brijesh Mangle

Complaint Details:
I today got a call at 11:13 am today from the number 7079659537, wherein the person introduced himself from bank and told me that my ATM is blocked now and to activate it details are to be given, I asked from which bank he is calling from, he replied BANK OF BARODA, I answered that I don’t have any bank account with the bank, tell he immediately said SBI group banks, as I don’t possess any account with SBI also I disconnected the phone as I am aware about such fraud call. But I request you to please enquire in the matter, who this guy are just to prevent any fraud with any innocent people… THANKS… Brijesh Mangle.. Vadodara, Gujarat