Scam or fraud: Inox Leisure / — Amount debited twice

Submitted by: samuel_arulraj

Complaint Details:
Dear Team,

On 22nd i came to your inox counter and try to pay by card payment, the counter keeper assisted to pay through Cash or Card since the cash was less in my hand so i have chosen the card payment, then the swiping is happened in 1st time which was not though then she ask me to try again that i can try again then i said you try once again, then 2nd try also got failed then i paid by cash left from the counter after some time i have received a bank message that amount got debited from you people, then i rushed to counter and showed the debited msg to the person, she had mentioned me that the amount will be return with in some days.

But the days are over still the return not happened to my account.

Still i am waiting the amount not got return to my account please look into this and confirm the status.

Reference translation ids’s are mentioned below –
1st debit- PURCHASE SUBJECT: MCUPOS 22DEC0401 Card no.: 5497XXX0XXXX3309 22DEC INOX LEISURE LTD BANGALO Ref: 000353498061 Ref No :- 22DEC0401

2nd – PURCHASE SUBJECT: MCUPOS 22DEC0403 Card no.: 5497XXX0XXXX3309 22DEC INOX LEISURE LTD BANGALO Ref: 000353499744 Ref No :- 22DEC0403

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