Scam or fraud: Indigo Airlines — Excess baggage charges wrongly

Submitted by: Ashish1974

Complaint Details:
I am international traveller carrying 2 checkin baggage and one hand baggage along with laptop travelling from udr to delhi on 6e525 (M6fqhi) further travel to uganda. Iwas informed that laptop bag is not consider as free baggage and the hand baggage has to be checkin since laptop is hand baggage, i was ready to pay extra baggage and requested that you give me the concession of 7 kgs for hand baggage which was checked in due to laptop in hand. I explained at the counter that worldwide when we travel the laptop is allowed free to carry along with hand baggage but they denied and i was charged inr 5600 (Receipt no 422235) for 17kgs extra even after request to give me 7kgs allownce which i put the bag in checkin luggage due to laptop
Please consider our request to please give us the refund for 7 kgs


Ashish singhvi
Kampala uganda