Scam or fraud: Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation [Irctc] — wrong information provided by vkirsmsa (irctc message informing system) resulting into missing of train

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I with my younger brother supposed to travel from JAT to DLI vide our confirm ticket having PNR No.[protected] through Shalimar Express Train No. 14646 scheduled at 09 pm, were informed by VKIRAMSA (IRCTC Message informing system) at 03.02 pm on same day that the said train has been cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances. subsequently, we took alternate arrangement to travel from Jammu to Delhi. while travelling I got again a message from VKIRAMSA (IRCTC Message informing system) at 08.59 pm that train is Running in Normal position but due to earlier message we had already taken alternate way and it was almost impossible to any one to catch the said train in just a span of 1 minute.

I suppose to have refund of my full amount of tickets in above circumstances.