Scam or fraud: Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation [IRCTC] — Deduction of payment from credit card.

Submitted by: rail_yaatri

Complaint Details:
This is in continuation of my earlier mails dt. 13th and 19th December, 2016 written to customer care, irctc, with no response from their side till date but mere assignment of ticket IDs 4604000 and 4552762.

2. To recapitulate, on part of the error occurred on the webpage of the irctc site, I was deducted charges twice owing to reservation made so. I am recapitulating the event below.

2. I tried to book ticket i.r.o. Sh. R Ratan Giri for journey from MUV to NDLS in the train no. 12559 on 11 December, 2016. I made the necessary payment by Citibank credit card. After making the payment, in the final stages, the web page of the irctc site went unresponsive giving me the impression that my booking had failed, although at the same time, payment from my card was deducted. On immediately checking the status in the ‘seats available’ caption of the site, I found that still same number of seats were available which existed before doing the reservation giving me the impression that reservation effort had failed. No message was, however, received on my registered mobile to this effect. As such, I proceeded with doing reservation by my HDFC card in which I was successful.

3. About 15 minutes after doing the reservation I received two messages from the irctc and thereafter mails indicating that I had made bookings twice. I am setting the details of these two tickets as under:
(i) PNR – 2706552049, Coach A 1, Berth – 7
(ii) PNR – 2706551708, Coach A 1, Berth – 33

4. My claim may be verified from the fact that both the reservations have been done on the same day with a few minutes in between difference.

5. I propose to cancel the ticket mentioned at part (ii) of para 3 above. However, proceeding with normal cancellation is frought with deduction of stipulated charges which happen to be significant. Moreover, it can be seen that I am not at fault in the matter. Kindly advise me through return mail how I can proceed with this. As said above, I am yet to initiate the cancellation procedure.


Sanjay Kumar Gaur