Scam or fraud: IFB — No proper response for washing machine

Submitted by: ramachandran ramadoss

Complaint Details:
I filed a complaint (Ticket no: 1104294675) that after i load machine clothes, no water inlet was happening. The service person came and attended the call after 3 days of complaint confirmation. He told that he will be bringing the things to rectify the issue. Its been more than one week after that, no sign of person turning up to rectify the issue. I have opened another complaint that my complaint has not been rectified (Ticket No: 1104367669 ). This is not the first time am facing issue with your people when i filed a complaint that my machine is not working and the issue has been rectified after one month, this time am taking it too much serious. Do i have send my clothes to laundry evn after purchasing the machine at home.

I can understand all situations that it takes time to rectify issues but the service person didn’t even tell us the nature of issue, only after calling the service center the people from the service desk told the actual issue and promised that they would rectify soon but still no thumbs up. I called the service person directly and enquired about it, but his answer was ask the service center. When called service center they would politely say me we will send service person to rectify the issue. This is being carried for more than 1 week. The service person is also not answering properly. The interesting thing is that i get a tooltip that not to use abusive language while submitting complaints but i think you people have to teach the same to your service person also.