Scam or fraud: ICICI — Unauthorized Auto debit charges in credit card

Submitted by:  Sumalini91

Complaint Details:

In my ICICI credit card, I made two purchases in the month of July’16 for Rs.18610/- in an emi. I have also purchased others which was not converted into emi of Rs. 3496/-.

I missed payment for two months, but till date I have been charged a total of Rs.3730/- as late payment charges.

but the totally unacceptable point is i have also been charged auto debit return fee, the option which i dint select only. the auto debit return fee of Rs. 12180.

Though I missed two months payment, Last month I have paid Rs. 6500/- and this month I have paid Rs. 6400/-.

And the statement still shows I have to pay Rs.14000/-.

Please let me know me know how to resolve this. All the charges I have mentioned are without interest. They also Put, VAT, service charge and interest.