Scam or fraud: ICICI Bank — Amount has been deducted from my account

Submitted by: nasa7733

Complaint Details:

I am the account holder of ICICI account for last 2 years, as I am not using since last four months. I have recently transferred some amount to my Account. When checked latest transaction I have found 514.25 Rupees has been deducted from my account as SMAB Chgs NOV16+Stax67.08.

I want ICICI bank, how can you deduct amount from account without notifying me, If you say that my account should have minimum balance. you have to notify me through message or mail. You haven’t communicated that you are going to be deducting from my account.

Is this the way you are acting with the customers, see 500 rupees in not a small amount for individual. Please get back my money to my account.