Scam or fraud: Hyundai Motor India — Need clarification on genuine spare parts of hyundai reg.

Submitted by: touchurpearl

Complaint Details:
Dear sir,

I purchased a getz prime, 1.1 gvs model of hyundai from trident showroom, sadhashiva nagar, bangalore during march, 2009.

My vehicle has run near about 45, 000km so far.

Four months back i got some abnormal noise and i left my vehicle for service at advaith hyundai service centre, rajaji nagar, bangalore.

There, they informed that there is oil leak in power steering, that’s why such abnormal sound is heard. And they said i will have to replace the entire power steering rack, which costs around rs.35, 000.

I felt the cost very exorbitant, for a vehicle just run only 45, 000km.

I am shocked what type of parts does such reputed company like hyundai fit to their car, its totally absurd.

As a layman i should believe what ever the hyundai service people say.

One week back i had left my vehicle at blue hyundai service station, rajaji nagar for replacing my power steering rack. I had paid a advance of rs. 26, 000. But so far i have not received any kind of reply or response from them. I am trying to call the concerned supervisor, but he just drag the reply.

I need justice in this regard.

First of all, why the spares are worn out very quickly for a less run vehicle. The spares are down graded one or whether the company cheats customer with such kind of technical issues.

Secondly, for such simple issues why the company recommends to change the entire rack, instead of sorting out the problem meticulously. Is it the lack of technical competence with your service providers or simply burdening the customers.

I need justice for such huge ransom payment with proper solution.

Thirdly, why the service provider do not have the concern for the customers. They will have to call the customers and inform the updates. Instead i am begging them, which is unworthy on your part.

Please sort out my problem, so that such a high branded company do not loose their credibility with customers.

My vehicle details:

Getz prime 1.1 gvs

Reg. No. Kao4 mg 1328

Mobile: 9900749799

Thank you

Dr muthu kumar a