Scam or fraud: Hyundai Motor India — fuel sensor malfunction or slow response

Submitted by:  Mech Vinoth

Complaint Details:
I am vinoth from Madurai. Purchased Hyundai Verna 2018 model in sukrith Hyundai on last month 18.. i am facing fuel indicator slow response from last Sunday… I filled perro for 6.05 lit in petrol bunk…but meelee didn’t get raised for the 10mins… After some time it is slowly moving… Second digital indicator i.e, within how much km i need to reach next bunk didn’t showed… I had flighted with Petrol Bunk Team for more than 30mins… The same repeated on yesterday also… I need a proper solution… I am also working in TAFE tractor industry only… But this is some what unacceptable by customers