Scam or fraud: Honda Cars India Ltd. — booking issues with honda amaze at samara honda lajpat nagar new delhi

Submitted by:  buntybunty

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Dear Madam/Sir,

i was in touch with SAMARA HONDA LAJPAT NAGAR DELHI with MS AYAT who guaranteed me delivery of DIESEL TOP END AUTOATIC NEW AMAZE IN WHITE COLOR .I sent my driver within 30 minitutes and she said that the car is going to take a month to be delivered.
I had put sale of my old car on hold but because she told me it will be goven next week i went ahead and accepted the deal given to me by cars 24 .Now im stuck as my car is sold to car 24 and i have no car to drive all because of AYAT and entire team there who gave me wrong information.

i need your help in this matter and help inproviding car immidiately to me