Scam or fraud: Honda 2 Wheelers India — Engine gets opened 4 times in one year only in warranty period but still no problem not solved

Submitted by: Shashank Katkar

Complaint Details:
It’s an new bike; in 1month the noise is coming from the engine; then i send the mail to the honda customer care; but they are not ready to accept e there is an manufacturer defects in the engine. When i purchased the brand new bike; from first start i feel that something noise is coming from engine; then i show it to honda dealer and he opens the engine. So u can think that how honda is manufactured the engine that it get opened in one month running only.
Just like i hv purchased this bike and in one moth the noise is coming from engine. After visited to service centre they says that having problem in it’s rocker arm and cam shaft; and they chage that part. And till there is an noise is comming from second visit they change the piston crank set (Full upper crank with piston); then also engine is so noisy; even i run only few 500 km.
And in third time they changed balanceing rod; then also bike is having problem; so i requesting you to help me in this matter;

As per honda should have to replace a new engine in this or give me a new replacement of bike;
Also i hv mail to them that higher a team to this matter and see why this problem occurs in the engine; but didn’t got any reply.

Very poor quality. And honda is an making foolish to people.
Please help me sir