Scam or fraud: Hero Motocorp — Unacceptable bike servicing experiance

Submitted by:  Umesh Asodekar (Umya)

Complaint Details:
Incident date: 08-12-2016, Invoice no / date: 11434-03-RINV-1216-7176/08-12-2016 16:04:50, Job card no: 11434-03-RJC-1216-7039

I have done servicing of my bike in Navdeep Motors, Ulhasnagar, Thane having TIN no: 27350146662V. Which is authorized Hero Motor Corp service center.
I am very disappointed after I have collected my bike from this service center and I strongly say that the service center has not offered the service which is worth the money i have paid.

There are 5 faults that I want to highlight and observed after i collected my bike.

1. Petrol level reduced from half of tank capacity to reserve level which is unacceptable loss on petrol nearly about 300 rupees. I have no proofs of petrol level before i submitted my bike but Yes i am sure about this tank is halfly filled before.
2. After installing petrol pipe, clip which is suppposed to be fitted to hold pipe tight and intact was not present, which is resulted in petrol leakage and this may be resulted in catching fire and accendent to myself in future.
3. Engine oil leakage. I have observed oil leakage from engine which is because of visor used is low quality or may not be taken into care to change if already damaged. this may have resulted in slipping bike in middle of road or damage to piston if engine oil level has got low.
4. Broken lock which is present under pillion seat. This lock was in good condition before i have submitted my bike for servicing. but after servicing i have found that lock is in broken condition and not informed to me about this. which is shocking.
5. Wheel alignment has not done properly. I can feel tyre is getting touch to something and making vibration and sound.

I have informed this faults to supervior, But only petrol clip problem is resolved.
I dont say problem never appears or mistake never happens from service centers and employees working their.
But my point is please provide service which is value for the money custermer pays.

I need explanation why this things are happpend and who is responsible for this poor service.

Also providing invoices and bills for servicing i have done. I request to please find upload images.

Thanks and regards,
Umesh Asodekar