Scam or fraud: Havells India — complaint no. gl061010

Submitted by: Vijay Krishna Prasad Singh

Complaint Details:

Hi Team,
My complaint no. is GL061010 and I made a complaint regarding my Havells 25 litre Geyser that I had purchased it about 11 months ago.l made the complaint on 06-12-2017 at 11 am and today is 11-12-2017 and still it’s not resolved. The engineer visited my home in the evening on 06-12-2017 and told me that there is some problem with the Geyaer indicator and he asked me for a local electric shop in my area. I told him that you can see that I have invested almost 7-8 lakhs buying Havells electric wires and other electric items for my this new house which has 5 floors and I had also purchased this Havells 25 litre Geyser worth 9 thousands and you want to install a local electric replacement in my new Monza Havells Geyser which is just 11 months old.l then contacted the Havells customer service and made a formal complaint. The engineer then said that he doesn’t have a Havells indicator with him nor he has it at the shop. I was assured by him and the coustomer service that it will be replace in next 24-48 hours. It been 6 days and I have .contacted customer service 4-5 times and still it’s not replaced.

I was planning to buy Havells appliances for the new house that I will be building next month but with this pathetic experience I am thinking to change my mind and also stop recommending Havells products to my family and friends .

I hope to get a quick response from your end to resolve my problem .thank you