Scam or fraud: harrasement of recovery agent for payment

Submitted by: Suraj Chopade

Complaint Details:

Dear SBI card team

My name is Suraj Chopade I have using 2 credit cards of SBI bank.

My CC number is : 4377 4869 3470 2802 & 5242 4792 9422 5001

Total outstanding is 1 Lac. I have inform recovery agent that i will pay this total outstanding in the month of January 2017 with all charges and interest. After that also i’m getting

calls from recovery agent number is 022 6139 5145 daily and they are scolding me we will inform your neighbors about your outstanding. We will destroy your good image in your working area.

It affect on me i’m getting irritated by this. I am not able to work properly and behave properly in area. I have consult with local lawyer and Human Right officer about this as per them any recovery agent don’t have right to break your privacy though even it is defaulter case. In this case i’m ready to pay outstanding amount they don’t have right to bother me by this kind of scolding.

I would request you to please intervene in this case and ask them to do not call me and scold me like this. I will make payment in the before end of January


Suraj Chopade