Scam or fraud: — gopaisa cheats the customer by having nexus with retailer and promotes fraudgery and cheating

Submitted by: Avishek87

Complaint Details:
Refrence ID- Y5E[protected], Refrence Id- 9E13TAL9H7QUVD7
Click Id- N3GNZ7S0SZ6UWRU have done 3-4 transactions on Make My Trip through Gopaisa in last 9 months. Whenever, I qualify for Rs. 50 cashback, Gopaisa does not hesitate to give me the same. But, whenever, it is a question of Rs. 350 cash back, Gopaisa website says” You donot qualify for the Offer or says you are eligible for lower amount of cashback.”
It is crystal clear that Gopaisa is having Nexus with the Make My Trip agents regarding commission amount and Cash back amount. I have proved with documents time and again that Make My Trip is cheating me every time when ever they need to give Large amount of Cash Back. But Gopaisa seems to be very happy with this Retailer and never tries to Rectify the error in the system. Even after accepting the fact that, Customer is cheated by Make My Trip, Gopaisa only says Sorry.