Scam or fraud: Godrej Modular Kitchen — franchisee bad service and cheating

Submitted by: raveeshanan

Complaint Details:
Had a very bad experience with Godrej Interio sahakar Nagar Bangalore Franchisee Evergreen Enterprises. Please do not waste your time and money buying from here. Cheating Customers is the way of life for them. Set up by novices they promise moon and deliver very bad service. Please do not make 100% payment as they normally demand. Once you make that you are treated like dirt and will run from pillar to post to get the installation done. Please read the quote properly for what is being actually supplied to you. Never never make 100% payment and keep atleast 50% payment to be made after installation to your satisfaction. After u make 100% payment the owner of the showroom goes offline youll find it frustrating trying to contact him. he will never respond to your calls or whatsapp.