Scam or fraud: Genpact Hafeezpet Hyderabad — genpact parking security is rude parking issue

Submitted by: AlphaBetaGamma

Complaint Details:
GENPACT before calling to interviewee please allow interviewee for there bike parking facility inside. Main reason is if your security is soft or helping in nature then no problem but fact is they won’t bother to suggest to the interviewee to park in wrong place at non parking area outside of your Genpact building. I went for interview there is no two wheeler parking whoever going for attending the interviews, security won’t allow to park inside as per rules of Genpact, they will tell to park at non parking place, suddenly same day my bike and other bikes are trolled by police to traffic police station. That’s really bad experience, i came out of interview due to that tense after long process of 6 hours of interview i came out of interview due to this tense. i took my bike back after hassles. Attitude of Genpact security is highly bad and most neglected persons. Control this security who are merciless should control by management of Genpact building otherwise rude Hydera-bad-ies will attack them add some soft nature in them to handle softly with the professionals. Genpact should learn to give respect to the interviewee.