Scam or fraud: Galgotias University — harrassment by dean of school of hospitality

Submitted by:  Arro

Complaint Details:
The Dean oF School Of Hospitality Mr. Onkar Mehra is most incompetent person to held such position…he has got a habit of Harrassing both the students and the faculty…i myself was a victim of this..i have to resign as i got mentally depressed due to his harrassment..he finds fault in faculties even the fault lies with him..he favours young and beautiful young lady faculties..biased towards others…he threatens the students that if they make complaints to the Management they will face dire consequences..similar for faculties…THhe management believes his lies and raise his increment every six months whereas the realhard work has been done by faculties who dont get credit or increment due his buttering nature with the chancellors..HOW CAN THIS MAN HELD SUCH AN IMPORTANT POSITION WHO DOESNT EVEN KNOW HOW TO OPERATE A COMPUTER? FOR A BETTER FUTURE FOR SCHOOL OF HOSPITALITY AND STUDENTS THIS MAN SHOULD BE IMMEDIATELY REMOVE FROM HIS POST..