Scam or fraud: Fullerton India Credit — Intrest collection is more then double of the principle amount

Submitted by: Jose Parras

Complaint Details:
Loan acct # 178402210059102, I took a loan, total amount 82000, this included insuarence also, tenure 48 months, I did pay all this while n I was not aware of d high rate of intrest being charged, at d rate of 3812 x 48 = 182976, iv borrowed only 82000, then what rate of intrest am I being charged? I was not told anything, certain blanks were filled after I signed d papers, I agree I did a mistake, I trusted d company n tht was my mistake, I did not receive any documentation for my refrence from d offic, but im no fool, I will stop making further payments if, I dont get the intrest corrected, there are many more experiencing d same n we will take necessary action soon.