Scam or fraud: Fraud by ICICI Credit card

Submitted by: Suresh Kumar Naidu

Complaint Details:
Availed loan in 2014 by the pressure of Icici by form of offer msgs I regularly remitted EMI. All our staffs warned not to use Icici because of their fraudsters scam.So decided to terminate called for clearance of loan to the customers brokers.He tried all policies me to avoid and to continue with emi I resisted he levied all nonsense charges and finally told the closure amount of 122000+.Clearly I told him this will be final call because ICICI customer call is horrible to catch up and to send the closure statement to my residence while negotiation he purposely disconnected the call. Like scumbags they changed customer care numbers. All these years the period when I closed what ICICI bastards people are stating that it was in preserved in my account and after I remitted total loan amount of the said amount now the bank is stating all these years it was preserved in credit card and the total closure sum was adjusted to EMI now once again to pay

Credit card thugs cheated loan department. No action taken against credit card cheaters. Burden is on customer now. Due to the dereliction of duty inefficiency of the staffs I am being made as a scape goat.

My card number

request number SR44870941 though repetatitve request no response but cleverly issued new platinum card brothel customer care everyone avoids the fact.The loan which was preclosed in 2015 of

they now changed the version for all this year’s it was preserved in the custody Kamath wife and she maintained with EMI now they are torturing me to the pay for the closed loan.What kindvod tactics Kamath in public he is doing trained by Dawood all staffs not born to single father.

Knowingly or unknowingly please don’t have any kind of relationship with Icici staffs they will spoil your career.

They are trained criminals a Mafias.