Scam or fraud: Fooding — Stale food provided

Submitted by:  Pranshu Tiwari

Complaint Details:
As I am Travelling to kolkata in Siyaldah Rajdhani. In the morning on 26th (today) lunch was provided at 2pm. The food was stale. Cz last night only i had got the same food. paratha which was served was smelling so bad and after having a bite I know that it is stale (2-3 days old) it was not fresh. For filing complain i asked abt number and procedure but none of the staff helped me out and when i asked for complaint book they denied. But afterwards i asked 3-4 members of my coach to go in a group. Then they gave the complaint book. I got vomiting and then i took food from station. Your staff is forcing to take complaint back.