Scam or fraud: Flipcart — Order not get delivered giving the false reason

Submitted by:  santoshnairg

Complaint Details:
I had placed my order dated 22nd december 2016 and the delivery schedule was 28th december 2016. On 26th december i got a message from flip cart the order will be delivered by 7 pm. But in the evening again i got a message that the order could not be delivered and will attempt again on the next day which is totally wrong as i tried continuously to call the courier person but his mobile was busy continuously and did not attempted to deliver even i tried to call next day but the same issue and this is very surprise that continuously getting busy means the number is not correct or else some other settings done by the courier person.
I then called the customer care but he told that order cannot be delivered due to no service which is totally a false statement. First of all if there is no service then how my order was accepted and secondly if there is no service then how the order was gone out of delivery. Even i told that to give the courier person number and i am ready to collect from their office or anywhere near my place but then too the flip cart executive was saying excuses and ignored and asked me to cancel the order. Even i spoke with the senior person but she also said the same thing.
This clearly shows either flip cart don’t want to get it delivered because the current price is high than the booking time or don’t want to fulfill the order. I had never experienced this kind of pathetic and worst service from flip cart as i had wasted my time money and disappointed.
I would suggest do not book from flip cart any order even if there is any discount sales and also if anybody has any such kind of issue the please raise the same to consumer court.