Scam or fraud: Feb Deal Limited Edition — my name was written in the upper packet, but the name of another woman was written in the inner packet with a cheap dirty sari was inserted.

Submitted by: Sovon biswas

Complaint Details:

I placed an Order at Feb Deal Limited Edition for a Green Gown and received A message that you will receive your Product within 7 Days dated..11/09/18. My Product code is 42349 & total price was Rs.754.92.

When I receive my Parcel clearly my name was written in the upper packet with the Product Code 42349, but inside Packet is named on Moumita Bharti who is belongs from Jamshedpur and the product code was totally change 21608 a dirt cheap sari.

Then and There I asked to return my parcel to the Delivery boy but he denied.
Already I launch a complain but still, I didn’t any valid response.